Trigger a Action on another table

In my layout the user is working on the User Table.

In that layout on the User Table there is inline collection (inline list) from a query to the Sales Order Table.
If the user clicks on a specfiic order a detail screen of that specific order is opend. So, at this time i’m working on the Sales Order Table.

From this table i need a button that’s lead to / activate an custom Action on another table (PDF_helper) witch is a single row table that’s collect it’s data from all over the app but it’s depending on the Sales Order Table.

  • Does anyone know how to create a button witch activates a custom action on another table?

My workaround for now:
On the Sales Order Table “lives” a collection from the PDF_helper table from witch a can activivate the action. But it’s a workaround… And not user friendly because it confuses the users.

  • All tabels are Glide tables by the way.
  • No Row Owners or Roles applied.

Regards, Ronald

hmm, this is a kind of odd use case - I’m not sure if it would be possible to do that as you’ve described. I think what I would be inclined to do is something along the following lines:

  • Add a Single Value → First → PDF Helper → Whole Row column to the User Profiles table
  • Add a button on the Orders detail screen that does:
    – Set Column values via the above column to write the OrderID of the current order to the Helper Table
    – Show Details Screen (or Show New Screen, whichever is appropriate) via the same column, in a Slide In or Overlay
  • This would put you in the Helper Table context, and you’d be able to trigger the action.

Thanks Darren,
I will try your solution.
Appreciate your efforts!

May I know which exact action do you want to do on the helper table?

Hi, thanks for your question.
It’s a couple of actions “set values in columns” but mainly a webhook to “Make” using the data from the PDF helper table.

Regards, Ronald