Allow actions on any table, not just current table

Hi, I often want to implement a custom action on a different table than the one I am working in.

Support (and another user) recently suggested I implement a shuffle to resolve an issue I am having.

But the issue is on a table that has a relational link to the table I am working on.

So when I show detail item, I could have used a shuffle on the related items – shuffling the items in the current table would have no impact on the issue, and actually could cause issues.

But when I select shuffle, there is no option to select a table to act against.


Other actions would also benefit from this ability. For instance, if I am on a custom form, and I want to add a row to a subordinate table, it would be great to add a row to that other table (which I can do), and then allow the user to edit that row, but the edit and show form do not allow selecting the table to act on.


Right now I need a custom action that uses a “temporary” field, and this is just to allow them to choose one value. Suppose they need to fill out the entire form on the subordinate table?