Custom action act on any table

Here is another custom action that should be able to, at the very least, act upon the user table, but only allows acting on the current table. Let us specify which table to act on – if another table is linked to this record with a relation, allow us to act on it.

If you need to act on the user table, add a template column to your current table and populate the Active User’s email (or other identifying column). Next, create a single relation from this column to the User Profiles table. This will give you access to the User table in your action.


You can, as long as it’s a single relation.

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Thank you. I already have an “owner”. That should be set during an add record. I don’t see a way to make a single relation to that. I added a template to the same value, and again, when I select “single” for a new column, it allows me to select a certain column, but not the entire row. However, when I made a relation based on the owner, it allowed me to select that rather than “this item”.

I see that having a relation to other tables also gives me access to those tables.

Yes, in order for other data tables to show up in the Action, they need to be related to the current table in some way. A single relation provides you with the access you’re looking for.

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