Magic with action button

Hi and good afternoon from Spain!

I need a little help with a button witch triggers a action.

The button “lives” on (Glide) data table “sales” and needs to trigger a action. So far so good. Here is my challenge: the action is using another table and “lives” on the (Glide) data table “sales_helper” (so another table).

The action is regarding a webhook trigger and needs data from “sales_helper”. To combine the 2 tables in to 1 table isn’t an option.

Please advise.

Is there a way you can bring in data from the sales helper table either through a relation/lookup or a singlevalue→ whole row→ lookup ?

Hi Robert,

Yes, there is a short relation between the “sales” table and the “helper” table.

The button (button 1 - sales table) needs to;

Establish a relation from sales to helper and create a new row, based on a user specific text input from the sales table.

The helper table creates the right data for the webhook.

(This will result for now… In a inline list (on the helper table) witch displays on the sales table. With a click to action it triggers the webhook action (witch lives on the helper table) to create some documents. Let call this button 2 for now.

Now the documents (url) is displayed on the sales table and with an relation to self the created row is deleted.

Everything works great but a need to lose the second button. Everything has to go with only 1 user click.

Regards, Ronald

Can you explain what the new row does in this context?