Button Add row and delete row don't have the same capacities. How to delete a row with a button that is not in tha same item?


Is possible to create rows with specific values in any table ( Fact)

but is not possible to delete rows from other tables, it just let’s to delete rows of the same table.

a. Is there a workaround?
b. Can you make a update, to make possible that add row and delete row work the same?


As long as you have a single relation column (or a single value → whole row column) linking to the row in whichever table you want, then you can delete that row through the single relation (or single value row). So to answer your question, yes it is very possible today to delete a row in any table.

Add Row and Delete are fundamentally different. When adding a row, you are not targeting a specific row, so it just adds a row to the end of the table. However when deleting a row, you have to explicitly specify which row you want to delete. So in that sense, they are not quite the same thing.

Hello Mr Jeff!

Thanks for the quick reply. I undestand the logic of the system and the reason to have a relation to identify the row.

I tried to add a relation column using the creator mail which is present in both tables, but still not working.

Here is more context to my case:

Table A

Stores all the info of the instructor, contains all info in 1 row per instructor. All rows have a unique email

The display User View 1, is to allow users to input data related to Table A and also I made a BUTTON A to add a rows in TABLE B

The row is created and the values Class Name and Recurrency are passed in behind and populate Table B.

Recurrency value is just a text , for example Monday.

Is created to store Class Name, Start Time and End Time. To make possible a calendar display of all instructor classes.

I need to create a second button that deletes the row that I created with Button A. The button has to be also embbeded in the User View 1


I’m stuck on how to create the relation or enable for the user from User View 1 to delete rows of the Table B.

Makes sense?

Is your relation a single or multiple relation? You can only set column values through a relation or delete through a relation if it is a single relation. Once you have your single relation set up in table A, then when you create a button with a delete action, you will be able to choose that relation as an option.

I created a relation colum in Table A, relating the creator name, but that is creating an array.

Refer to picture “New Colum D”, it brings back all the classes, related to the creator mail in table B.

Still, back in table A , front end mode, when I create a new button, when I select “Delete Row”, it only allows me to delete the entire Table A Row

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 1.46.25 PM

I’m using Click on Button A, to creat rows on Table B, so I can send Name, populate Start time & End Time, then use this table display a calendar of lessons.

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 1.46.08 PM

this is what I propsed that Glide Team update system. Make the delete row, equivalent to add row, in terms of being able to select the table and rows to delete.

I’m lost on how to do the relation and be able to delete the row , clicking a button in User View 1


Got Mr Jeff.

I was creating the relation correctly , but not selecting the value that was correct.
Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 2.09.05 PM

Thanks for the advice!

Key word here is SINGLE relation. Your ‘New Column D’ relation is set up as a multiple relation. You’re not going to be able to delete anything through that relation until you switch it to a single relation.

Now the question is, which row do you want to delete? The first related row, the last related row, or a different row in between. Depending on your answer, you either need a single relation, or you may need to create a multiple relation with a single value → whole row column on top of it.


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