Deleting a row from another table

Hi, so I’m sure this has been addressed before but I can’t find a related topic.

I have an Events database, a Users database, and a Going database which basically consists of a user and an event where the user is going.

Same thing with Interested table.

I managed to set “going” and “interested” buttons on the Event page that create rows in both Going and Interested tables (User is connected user, event is this event), but I can’t figure out how to delete the created row, if the user is no longer interested or no longer going. All I manage to do is deleting all “Interested” or all “Going” rows matching this event, so I also delete the fact that other users are either interested or going. There must be a way with relations but i’m struggling.

Thanks for your help!

You need to establish a single relation that matches just the row you want to delete, and then use a Delete Row Action via that relation.

To do that, you probably want a template column in each table that combines the UserID and EventID, and then use those two columns to create the relation.


Awesome, thank you!
I created templates and this works flawlessly

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