How to delete a specific row?

This is the case:

Members of a choir need to be able to tell to which concerts they go.
When they go to the calendar tab they have the button ‘I’ll be there’ to do so.
When clicking the button a new row will be added to the tab ‘Joined’ with relevant data.
This button will not be visible anymore when there is a relation between ‘Joined’ and ‘Calendar’.
I need an extra button for the choir member to delete that same added row if they later find out they can’t come.
But when I choose the ‘delete row’ action, I can only choose the calendar row of the concert or the user row, that’s not what I want. I want to delete the ‘Joined’ row.

How would you use a button to delete the ‘Joined’ row?

I assume you already have a relation to the Joined table to determine if the Add button should be shown or not? Is it a multiple or single relation? You should be able to select a single relation in the delete action.

ah, that might be the problem! i’ll have a look

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Sorted! Thanks!

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