Tracking Integration

Hello Glide Community,

I know this may not be feasible at this moment, but is there anyway I could possibly connect USPS, Fedex and UPS tracking numbers to a progress bar in the app and use an integration like Zapier to notify them when their package is listed as delivered via text message/ push notification? . I thought about an If Then Else function which could possibly have a link of the tracking number and automatically update the progress bar to if the package says delivered. This is the last page for my V1 and I would love to know if anyone has a work around.

I found this, which seems interesting but it’s a couple of years old and I think requires a subscription:

Here’s some more resources:

If you can figure out the API’s and using IMPORTJSON to retrieve data, then you could probably convert the tracking status into a number that you can use for the progress bar.

There’s also other 3rd party sites like that can provide a single api for tracking…for a cost of course.

Thanks a lot for that Jeff, came across aftership yesterday while researching solutions online. Thanks for the links above as well.

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Yes, i like it but expensive cost. I want to tracking seller position toward buyer up to date real time online. After then, I hope can make deposit or top up fund for seller
so that I can take a little commission from each transaction through the local payment gate.

And also I want to take a very small daily fee from customers who have downloaded the app on their Android smartphone instead of the membership fee.
if some of these things already exist then our marketplace can be launched to the public as a verification idea.

Keys: integration of local payment gates, deposit and top up funds, take commission fees.