Integrating 17Track

Anyone have any idea if/how I could work in/integrate a tracking solution like 17track in to my app? :crossed_fingers:t3:

The simplest way would be to use webview. You would simply have a entry field on your app that someone would place the tracking number in. The webview website location would be the search portion of the site tied to the tracking number and voila a 15 mnute app that tracks packages :slight_smile:

If you are not intending to use a PRO app then this solution would not be for you. So I made a real quick mockup of this to check it out for you and I don’t think that site is as user friendly as you would have hoped. It has script blocking software. It will work but maybe with a more Glide friendly site. It will show info but with a ugly message right underneath.

But here you go, this is a rough draft of your template just based on the idea you wanted to track using that site.

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