How to combine marketplace, e-commerce, and delivery application

Is there a way to combine three application together?

Technically, there is. But my god, it’s gonna be painful)


Can you clarify more on why you need that? It obviously is not gonna be straightforward, but we want to understand your problem better.

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I’d like to deliver goods with the help of outsourced courier networks which enables people to order anything from anywhere within a city. Just like Uber drivers, couriers get order notification on their mobile device and GPS is used by the admin to match demand and supply in the shortest possible time. The process would be as follows: Users log into the app, select a city, select a store in that city, select the item(s) they would like to be delivered, complete checkout, the app notifies the store owner and a courier nearby about the order, app starts tracking courier, user can view the location and status of the delivery. Hope the above makes sense.

:point_up:t2:That’s something you can achieve with Glide without any doubt.

The rest is tricky. You can not track live location with Glide so you’re not able to find nearby courier and show his/her location to the user.

I think you probably need a compromise here. May be the store owner will HAVE to find a courier manually and then change the order’s status in your app to eg. «Now delivering».


Appreciate your reply. How much would an app like you described cost? Any idea? Thanks

Oh, no idea, sorry🤷‍♂️


The final cost will depend on developer’s hourly rate you contracted and of course, the APP development time. Due to hourly rates are very different, I can only estimate a development time according to my expertise, I’d say 5-6 weeks if its scope is well defined.
One of the problems that you have to pay attention will be the amount of data that APP will have to handle/load (more operations-> more historical data you want to save) if it is successful day after day.



I have an app that does everything you mention. I started creating it over a year ago and I haven’t stopped making improvements to it.
If you want, contact me whenever you want

Intriguing) Would you mind to share link with us?

Honestly speaking this is a huge project. I work on something similar full time paid salary for months. Though it can be done using Glide, such a project is best done with an engineering team and other technical integrations such as Shopify, Airtable etc… not to mention dealing with a delivery company to do the job.
It would require multiple apps for the stores, the drivers, the customers at least… maybe even your operations team, order management teams require apps etc…
There are loads of complications. Tracking the delivery live is out of the question at the beginning stage. The size of the data you collect and how it is stored (Google Sheets, Glide Tables). The security of the data and the checkout process you probably want to create a custom checkout instead of the one in Glide.
I can give you more advice if you want get in touch. Its not an easy project.


Thanks for your reply. You complicate things toooo much. Many apps we use to day weren’t perfect when they first launched including Facebook, paypal, among others.

Hello Jorge, do you mind sharing a link

Google sheets can calculate distance from lat long coordinates with a formula.

The “request” would be able to start a flow which creates a sheet calculate distances bring back closest etc etc.

(I’m building something like this right now haha)

So yes it’s possible with glide. But it requires not only limiting yourself to glide.

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Wow, how many questions. I invite you to contact in a more direct way through WhatsApp or mail.

WhatsApp: Share on WhatsApp

To clarify any doubt. Yes, my app does all 3 steps from a single app. It has integrations, user profiles, drivers, businesses and almost total automation.

In other words, all the steps are carried out automatically and the user, the merchant and the driver only have to read and press buttons.

I do not share the app in public due to previous bad experiences, but I can help you directly in private.