Delivery App

Hi, I am an IT Functional consultant. I need to develop delivery app for my client. I have seen demo of Delivery App template ready to use to develop app.

I would like to get some help to do this work. Also I would like to understand whether I will pay to build this app on this platform or I pay by user to use this app?

Sorry I am new to this platform.


Welcome to Glide @Shashi_Kumar :wave:t2:

If you plan on building your app on your own and need occasional tips and tricks, feel free to ask your questions in this forum, the Glide community is usually quite responsive.

Should you want to hire a Glide expert, you can have a look here.

That depends on which plans you get. A pro plan is priced for the entire app. A private plan includes up to 20 users in the base price, then you are charged per user after that.

Based on the type of app you are developing, I think a Pro plan would be fine.