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Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I am interested in finding a glide builder that will assist in my project. I understand I have a big project this is from the ground up that needs the base material developed for the beta process all I would need is your flat rate hourly rate. I understand the aspects and functionality of the app. I know already what Glide can and cant do. I am fully aware that this platform can construct what I need to develop my App, yet I have not found anyone to hire to even start this process. as far as development is concerned I am serious so If I Pay you to talk to me and I have no response about if you will work with me or not and your profile says that you will refund the money if you chose to not take on the project, please understand I will deal with that type of situation accordingly. At this time, I simply need a boost. I am on a deadline and I would like to see actual proposals and fees sent my way so I can develop this app. and yes this is a series of apps so I would be compensating for more than one type of development. Thank you


Hi @Jacqueline_Douglass .

Have you had a look at the experts page?

In the following post, you might happen to see a few active Glide experts that build Glide apps for a living.

I hope this helps.


sent you a DM