How many projects at once?

Do you guys stick to one project or do multiple at once? No-code(glide) as a separate hustle after regular job might be taxing as it is, but does multi-tasking between projects drain you mentally? I know it depends on the person and the project but would like to know how everyone from experts to beginners go about their tasks!


I have no clue what you are talking about…

I have worked non-stop on my telemedicine project for over three months. There are two main apps, and lots of functionality within each.

I’ve helped out on other people’s projects for a few hours, but nothing that feels like actual work (more like a walk-through and feedback session).

Fortunately I’ve a good package sorted for this project, so I don’t need anything else going on to make a living :slight_smile:


I do Glide on the side. Not for money, but as a hobby and for a couple of small personal projects. My real job is the stressful part of my day, but it has benefits. :wink: I spend way more time in the forum and that can be more mentally draining than you think, but it’s a good way to learn techniques. Building apps is the fun and easy part for me. I don’t have any commitments with my glide apps, so I usually work on them as I have time and I’ll flip between apps depending on what I want to work on or need to work on at the moment.


My job is Glide. I try to keep it under 3 with focus being on building a new one and make additions/small fixes based on requests to 2 built ones.


Same as @ThinhDinh :point_up:t3:
I also have some designs/mentoring jobs too, but they’re small ones, so I only fit in my time


I work, eat, breathe, sleep Glide.
I do it (almost) full time during my day job, and then I do consulting gigs after hours and on weekends.
At any given time, I’ll have 2-5 Glide related projects (of various sizes) on the go, apart from my day job. And I regularly spend 12/14/16 hours a day working on Glide and Glide related projects.

Is it mentally taxing? Yes, it is.
But I love it. I spent almost 40 years climbing the corporate BS ladder, and that all came crashing down when Covid hit. Discovering Glide last year gave me a new lease on life. I’ve never worked so hard, or been so happy in what I do - than I am now.


I tend to take on 4 builds at a time and then consulting here and there in between. It’s a lot to keep up with, but it’s incredibly fun!


it so much fun, i love it! doing 2-3 Apps at the same time, improving existing ones… checking in in glide community… much better than facebook… :wink:


good to know about that big package! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

will that change in the distant future?

great!:grinning: so after building, where will you spend that time? marketing that product or build something else? or are you building for businesses, in that case, you can move on wicking from one to another right?

building 3 isn’t taxing right? and design :eyes:, can you design glide apps, I’m not a designer and could use some help re that! :grin:

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12-16 hours… that’s crazy good, trying to be like you guys

Plus, posting in your channel. That’s another gig altogether :sweat_smile:

We provide bespoke apps for businesses and these days we are pretty much “all in” with Glide. Typical day consists of a mixture - building for new customers, adding enhancements to existing ones and marketing our services. Also provide nocode consultancy from time to time (when it’s interesting). Generally have 2 new projects on the go at any one time and try to keep it that way. Spend lots of time in the forums! V88 will be the 6th tech company that I’ve founded but so far it’s turning out to be easily the most fun, primarily because it’s so easy to take a customer’s problem and solve it.


I’m building for clients so you’re right, after finishing a project I move on to the next ones.


do you think you’ll have the time to release apps and maintain for both businesses and public if you were to build for public? marketing and management for public, consumers must be more taxing right?

I was gonna create a topic on this, but since our chat is related to that, I’ll ask you here first, so how do you charge your clients if you’re paying for glide premium (any of the 3 plans). Assuming you’d need more rows, storage.

One time or monthly to cover the app costs? been pondering over this for a while. Also particularly want to know this, apart from rows and storage, are you okay with glide branding to show up on your clients’ apps?

We move the app to the client’s Glide team and they can do the upgrade from there. Payment is only for building the app and maintaining it, of course also for additions to the app (in versions after 1.0).

We have always done Pro apps so there’s no Glide branding.

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