How many projects at once?

That defo is not the business plan. We are strictly B2B for that very reason!


V88 is staying away from doing both b2b and b2c because it’ll be taxing?

  1. Clients have a glide team?
  2. So clients pay the monthly /yearly glide premium fee?

Yes, creating a team is free and they get full control of the app after we deliver v1 to them. They pay the fee after that handover.

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Our business model is B2B because it suits our approach better i.e. bespoke apps for specific customers rather than a generic app for multiple customers. Additionally, Glide is a much better fit (in my opinion) for B2B vs B2C.



In terms of my business model:

  • I make some apps for fun (learning) - could be some days or a month
  • I make a concept demonstrator to pitch (hours or days)

Then to ‘sell’ an app dev project I work out how money the customer thinks they should spend (could be comparison to another dev platform or team), understand the time scale (when do they need something, and are is there a timeline when features are needed), and understand the functionality. Before I quote, I would work out ‘is this technically feasible?’ - tech due diligence (lots of community searches, and playing an app) - that takes 1 - 2 days.

Then I often let the client come up with a number, anchoring them high based on what they said before. And then control the amount using the project scope and timeline. Effectively the feature set might get chopped into phases. I then make this into a statement of work, and wrap it into a standard terms of agreement (and a payment schedule).

Note I do NOT make prices based on time spent. That is my business, not theirs! I get paid to deliver a result :slight_smile:

Now, for some projects, you might get creative. In this one I am in now, I negotiated a percentage of profit (for some time later). It might be equity in a company too.

And finally, in the future I might end up making apps for other companies. I would follow the same basic process. I try to charge high, fixed price for limited scope, decent amount upfront (as I have to pay contractors to pieces of the project, and I glue them together). I would prefer being paid real money, rather than shares or options. I have made an exception for the telemedicine project (as I am also now the CEO of the company too… a separate thing :wink:


I usually handle upto 7-8 apps at a time along with my team (3 more fresh Glide developers)
Atlesst 25% of my projects are long term so they have multiple phases (sometimes upto 10 phases and 6 months of work)
Other projects are usually internal business apps for specific requirements.
I also have a couple of personal projects which I always keep working on. One is an app for a foundation which I have started with my friends, other is an app to track my life, thoughts, ideas and expenses etc.

To manage all of this can get very draining sometimes so I use a project management app (built on Glide :yum:) to keep my head on top of everything that my team and I are working on!


I don’t forsee anything changing anytime soon. I’ve been a developer at my current job for 20 years, so I’m in it for the long haul with a goal to retire early and drink coffee by a lake every morning.

I discovered Glide while looking for an easy solution for my girlfriend to keep and maintain a database of students, information, and testing results, while tracking lessons and billing information. That was over two years ago and I’ve been hooked since. Glide is just a hobby to me. I’ve always told myself that if I start getting paid to build apps for others, then it becomes a commitment and not fun anymore…but that’s largely due to still having my main job and other activities that keep me busy. I have a small handful of apps that are used regularly, but most of what I’ve built has been various concept apps for the community.


And we’re all BEYOND appreciative!


Likewise to all of you as well. Collectively we’ve figured out a lot of solutions to complex problems for use is many projects.


Btw, I have 6 projects going on this week, but I’m also happy that today I can delegate some more basic or intermediate things.


yeah! I always liked design, but after meet glide and start developing apps, my wish to learn more about UX/UI just inscreased, because I also come from the customer experience area when working in hotels; I’ve always studied marketing and neuromarketing, and a user’s decision-making is very little like what we already use in marketing. It’s very challenging, but I love doing it :relaxed:

So I also love to work with the entire user journey (UX) and how to make this information clear, in a simple way that meets the entire visual identity of the brand/company (UI).


Hahaha sounds draining Darren

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would love to talk to you more about designing glideapps :sweat_smile:

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but one of them is WAY more important than the other 5, riiiight? :wink:


Not only important, it’s my priority!

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