[Help/Question] How to get live position of delivery?

How to get live position of delivery or how to update position of the delivery each 5 min ?

Like Uber eat or other delivery app ….

Thanks for help !

Glide doesn’t do this very well natively. The driver needs to continually, manually, update their location by using the location component.


Hi @Robert,

Is it not possible to then get the current location of the driver if you know the location of delivery?

I think I have done something like this in one of the school Apps I was working on, where the parent can track the location of the scholar transport driver until they get home although I must say, it’s not displayed on the map but rather gives distance in KM (Text)…

Hi, @Robert_Petitto
Is there any possibility of using a third-party application for example Google Maps? Usually, you like a challenge, I gave you homework… :wink:

That’s the issue, though. You have to know the location of the driver. If using Glide, the driver would have to manually update their location.