Live GPS Location

I have a seen some older posts so not sure if there is any recent changes.

Is it possible to get a live location of phone for say like a couple of 2 hours (similar to whatsapp do). User case: a delivery driver dispatched and a customer wants to see their location. My actual use case is roadside assistance request by a driver who sends his/her GPS asking for help and when tow truck responds, the two truck shares his/her live location to keep the driver updated.

There isn’t an option for live tracking and I doubt that will change anytime soon (for the personal security of anybody that could be tracked without proper knowledge…and every joe schmoe being able to build an app in minutes). People could get very malicious if they had the ability to track others. I think glide wants to be abundantly clear whenever a user’s current location is obtained. You can live track…as long as your users are actively using the app and continuously confirming and updating the location through the location component…but probably not what you want.

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Thanks Jeff and understood, makes sense. Correct that will not give me what I want to achieve. The tow trucks do have a GPS tracker, I was trying to be lazy (efficient) and avoid doing API pull of location and push to Google sheets :slight_smile:


You might be able to use the Experimental Code column to do this. Probably have to use the Date and time of submission in order to have reload every 10 seconds.

Edit: I mean to use you API to the straight to glide as opposed to Gsheets.

Good suggestion… I’ll try it… although for my particular case… I only need a 60sec update but it will give me a chance to play with Exp Code…

You can create a map list, then get the nearest location, when user interacts it will get the nearest location

This is not the point of the post. Dan is asking for a way to get a live GPS location, not locations that are near to the signed-in user.

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This is a temporary solution

Your method can only show the signed-in user what pins are near to their current location.

What Dan asks for is a way for, let’s say, me - as a customer, to track your live location (assuming you are a driver). There’s no way to do that as of now.

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The location will be obtained when the driver last interacted. is also a way for you to see their location near you

Each interaction of the driver will be recorded, the nearest saved location is okay.

How do you record the current location on the driver’s interaction action?

we can use “add row” or set colum