Topbar / Sidebar Question


Is there a possibility to have the Bar with all the pages at the top on one page and on the side on others.

My Use case is that I am creating a store where the bar looks best at the top but we have admins for that store where they would want the bar at the side because they have a lot more pages to work with.

As far as i know, unfortunately not :slight_smile:

Would be cool if we could set this on page level, where you can just select the topbar location on the page instead of a global setting


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I think your only option there would be a separate App for your Admins that shares the same data source. This type of approach is quite common, but whether or not it makes sense for your use case would be up to you to decide.


Thanks Darren, I was thinking of that. But the store on glide is going to be temporary.

Will maybe look at doing a front end store on a different platform that is built for it and just push the orders and notifications to glide.