Multi-use of store template

Hello all, I am hoping to help 6-7 small businesses (all in the same industry sector) add an order online/pick up option to their business. My question is will each business I work with need to be a separate app (as they will have similar but varying inventory) or is there a way to create one ‘parent’ app that gives multiple admins the power to changing multiple display sets for their own customers.
Brand new to glide, appreciate any help!

That all depends on what you want. Would a customer com into the app and first choose which business they want to look at, or does each business want to have their own front end on their own app?

The biggest issue people have right now is keeping an app public while still setting permissions per user that apply if they choose to sign in. There is a hacky way around this where you first set the app up with all of your per user filters and visibility with the app set to public with email, then set it to public afterwards. I don’t know if I trust this to always be an option. If you choose to go that route then yes, you can set permissions so the business owner has access to certain parts of the app where only their own data is visible. There is simplicity to using a single app, but depending on requirements, sometimes you need multiple apps. Either for Customer/Admin or for multiple businesses.