Change one deploy multiple

I have an app I’m building, and I need to publish the exact same changes to multiple apps. Is there any way to make changes in one and easily replicate those changes to the rest?

No, each app belongs to itself. There is no parent/child type of setup for publishing changes. If all apps share the same google sheet or glide tables, then to can share data between apps, but general design changes only belong to one app…unless you can find a way to make some of those designs data driven.

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So I’m trying to have separate apps per province in Canada but all the apps behave exactly the same, but only for local region. I could roll everything into one app and have all the provinces in there, but I expect to have somewhere around 150,000 users registered, and because it’s a directory, I expect to have about 10,000 businesses listed. I just don’t think a single glide app can handle that kind of volume.

These numbers are projections based on the current numbers for a single province.
30,000 users
2,000 businesses

I would create a single app if possible. Why do you think Glide would not be able to handle it? If the only rows you have are the 10,000 rows for the businesses, then glide should be more than capable of handling that. Do you plan to have a row of data or a user profile for for each individual user as well, or is the purpose only to contain the business data?

If you are saying that you will have 150,000+ rows of data, then yes that’s technically out of the scope of glide, but not entirely impossible. It largely depends on how you design your app. You could have a user profile table with Row Owners enabled (I would advise a glide table over a google sheet for the user profiles). That way, with Row Owners, a signed in user will only download the data with 10,000 businesses along with their single user data row as opposed to the entire database of user profiles. If you don’t plan to have user profiles, then one app should be more than enough for 10,000 business rows.

I would try the single app route before even attempting to do it with multiple apps. It would be a logistical nightmare.

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so, I’ve already started and didn’t know about Glide Tables when I did, therefore I’m currently tied to google sheets.

I could use Row Owners, but then I’d have to get creative with my “Roles” logic… ie: if a user is a bad actor and needs to be banned, I still need to be able to find them in the system and remove them.

You can still add glide tables to an app that uses google sheets.

Using row owners would assume that you do actually have a row for each individual user, so that shouldn’t complicate any of your existing “role” logic. Row Owners just applies additional security and prevents data from being downloaded to a user device if the user is not the owner. It would maybe be better to have a blacklist sheet and enter banned emails in a blacklist to use to filter or control visibility of any part of the app you don’t want them to have access to.

If you currently have a user profile sheet, then do a test and add 150,000 rows of garbage user data to the user profile sheet. See what it does to your app. I’ve done tests with almost that many rows and it did cause sever performance issues, but I was also attempting to show 120,000 rows of data in one inline list, so part of the issue was bottlenecking to sync data between glide and google, as well as trying to get an app to render that many rows at once.

I’m not saying it’s possible or not, but based on the fact that your idea to globally modify multiple apps at once isn’t an option right now, I would at least explore the single app option to see how far you can push it.


I’ll give this a try tonight for sure.
One thought I had was to have a table with province specific data in it that renders to the user. Then duplicate the primary app and point the duplicate to the new province app. The only downside that I could see would be re-configuring the URL every time.

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