Improved App / Customer Management

Hi Glide Team.

I have a query regarding app / customer management. Imagine the scenario where I have created a Pro app for, say, a members-only gym. Let’s assume that the customer loves the app (clearly they will, it’s Glide) and we work together to make it even better. We then decide that this could actually be suitable to any members-only gym and so we run a little online advertising and we pickup, say, 10 more gyms with an interest.

Whilst this is great news, it also becomes an administrative headache, because we will need a separate app for each gym. This is a requirement to ensure data segregation (for security) and so as not to exceed Google / Glide row counts.

  • Each app needs to have a different name (we cannot use e.g. SuperGym for them all) so how do we name them?
  • Each app will appear in the My Apps section, because there is no ability to segregate apps in folders or by tags, so we are going to get very cluttered, very quickly.
  • If we discover a bug then we need to update 10 apps and potentially 10 Google sheets, depending on the nature of the bug and where the logic lies.

Has anybody been lucky enough to experience this scenario yet? If so, how did you handle it. If not, any thoughts from the Glide Team? I think this is a highly likely real-world scenario.

If I am understanding this right, you’re talking about white-labeling the template.
For segregating the apps, I think you can use the Organization feature to organize apps in folders by clients.

I see the problem with publishing the changes to all the apps and their users. If at all this is possible, I think it will be possible via the Templates route.