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I’m interested in Glide. I have created a management application on my free Glide account to test it. However, I would like to know if it is possible to manage several customers with dedicated databases for each of them with a single application? ie:

  1. Customer A enters his username and password.
  2. He automatically connects to the management software with the data for his company A.

I sell exactly the same software to customer B.

  1. Customer B enters his username and password on the same login page than customer A.
  2. He is automatically redirected and connects to the management software with data from his company B => Data is partitioned so that it can only be accessed by company B, no access to data from company A.

The aim is to develop a single application to sell to hundreds of customers/companies, partitioning the data for each of them as a SaaS app.

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Possible…yes, but if you will have separate tables for each customer, then you will be designing and maintaining screens and logic repetitively for each customer.

Glide does not offer username and password authentication. Only Federated, Pin, or SSO.

If you use Roles and Row Owners instead of separate tables, then this is very easy. If you have separate tables, then you still need to use roles and row owners just to secure the data properly, but then you have the maintenance nightmare.

You will have to consider what each plan offers as far as user and row limits. It’s possible with shared tables and proper data security through row ownership, but you may run up against plan limits.

What you are asking for is is a true parent/child style of app where you maintain one parent app and database and have several child apps with individual databases based on that parent app, but Glide doesn’t offer a model like that at this time. Glide isn’t very well suited for Saas apps.


Hi @Michael_Cjl I believe you are asking whether Glide supports multi tenant applications. My understanding is it can but its not a mode of operation that Glide themselves promote

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@Michael_Cjl did you move forward with your idea? if so, how did you manage it? I am curious.