Horizontal View for Card & Grid Collections

Hi team.
Loving the new update! Instantly using for my apps.

Two options just thought of while using them:

  1. The ability to have the Scroll Bar either “Visible” or “Invisible”. Cleaner for mobile users.
  2. When selecting “See All >” can we edit that page in future?

Much love to the team.


At the moment you can hide this scroll bar with CSS but you need Business Acc.

And I agree with you, this feature need to be free… simply because this was free for classic apps.

And agree too for edit the page (maybe it’s gonna be complicated Idk).


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Hi Carter,

Ok true thank you for letting me know. I have Business account so can edit all which is good.
I was just testing on my mobile phone and looks like the Scroll marker disappears once you finish moving. The one for the mobile is fine to me tbh but would still be good to have the option to remove completely.

The See All page is brand new so I’m confident the Glide team is probably already aware of it. Works fine for now but will definitely need to be customisable in the future.

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I don’t know if you have already find the code, I’m using this one :

.horizontal::-webkit-scrollbar {
display: none;

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