To msg all

The ability to msg all register members of the app.

To send an email to all registered users of the app, concatenate all email addresses in a cell (add semi coma ; at the end of each email), send use this cell with the email component. It will open your email app with all destination emails pre-filled.



Email component = button with “send email” option (will open your email app) OR the email button with predefined fields (to, cc, bcc, subject and body) you can set with values coming from your sheet.


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Could you do this for a text message?

Ideas to communicate (not send) a common message to all app users:

  • Add a tab with the message and use tab visibility that hides all others tabs until the user has trapped on “Okay” or “Next” per something to that effect?
  • Notifications: not available yet as far as I know?
  • Bulk email/sms: (1) For a public-facing app, prior user opt-in in required (2) The Glide app is not meant for bulk send outs (3) Even if you set up a work around, Glide as far as I know is not an email service provider (ESP) so bulk emails might be blocked by ESP’s and end up in spam boxes?

Here’s some info on how to formulate a link for text messages.