To login of not to login (user growth)

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I am planning to launch an app ( and I am testing it with the favorite function. So users can build a “portfolio”. This feature brings the login function.

So I am wondering if you gliders have insights in apps that have login features in terms of acceptance and user growth. (I think that in the beginning, the login function will work as a blocker for people, maybe leave it at first and bring it as a new feature later on?)

I know what you are saying. The ability to do this is not available in the current Glide toolset. What I would do is create two apps, one open to all and one where users log in via an email method. Sort of a viewers app and a posters app. They would both point to the same data it’s just that the posters app would enable adding, and also editing and deleting of the posts that they created.

Thanks George!

Hearing this together with a check among friends, I am leaning towards the open version for launching (and add a “feature request” section, with the form function.)

Sounds like a good plan. A lot depends on the nature of the app.

I admin a Facebook group of over 30k teachers who share free resources for others to use. Formerly, I managed all resources on a spreadsheet, but quickly realized how NOT user friendly that is. I made a Glide app back in May for the group. Since our resources contain company curriculum-based stuff, I launched the app with email sign in required. It can be a headache sometimes trying to explain to some old school teachers that the PIN is NOT in fact a password for them to write down somewhere lol. Other than that, my experience has been super positive. I typically have about 23,000 active users a month.


I also have an app that requires the login, and since it’s for a 55+ community I too have had to explain that the pin is just a temporary thing.

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Thanks for your insights @MegannLock and @George_B

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Maybe if the apps URL was able to take the pin as a parameter on the email that is sent

(enter this pin in the app: 123456789 or just click here to login



Is there any chance we can trigger a login not at the start but at a later stage on the app.

This would definitely help with user growth while allowing us to have profiles, user specific fields and filters based on the Signed in user.

I had added this request : on

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