Title of relational list


I’m getting used to Glide but bumped into an issue where I can’t figure out how to change the title of a list that is linked from another element.

I’m building an internal performance dashboard for my activities, and in this case I click on a quarter and it opens the list of relevant cases handled in this quarter. My issue is that I can’t change “Cases” to something dynamic (I have a formula column saying for example “Cases for first quarter 2022” that I would like to use instead).

I can change it if the list is on a normal page but don’t know how to change it if it comes from a relation list.

Here is what I’d like to change:

I would appreciate some help.

Thank you

Hi @Joachim_Brindeau,

By relation list you mean the inline list? I guess this is a detail screen? Before you are coming to this screen your clicking on a list right? Which is the action attached to it?

Thank you

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Yes, indeed. I open the “quarter” screen, I click on “n cases”, it opens a list of “cases”. I want to change the name of that list.

Salut, j’ai ré contré le même problème je n’arrive toujours pas à le résoudre, merci de me faire signe si vous avez la solution. Merci d’avance

I think what Dilon asked was specifically this. Was it an inline list you click from, or was it a “relation” component?