Tiny details for brighter designs

Hi @Antonio and the rest of the Glide Team.

Big steps recently all over Glide. You are so brave there… congratulations!

This is a tiny tiny request…

Inline cards without background image… they look very nice for clean minimalistic interfaces. But the favorite button doesn’t look clear…

Fine tuning this tiny details would help a lot to improve our designs and have more versatility…

Aren’t you agree :wink:?



@darder José, thank you for the kind words! But I’m not sure I quite understand your requirement. Cards do have a “None” style already that renders no shadow, no border, and no background at all. As you can see on the first screenshot, the inline cards list at the top under “Actual” has a “Outline” style, while on the second screenshot, the very same card has a “None” style.

Please let me know what you mean by no background exactly, since we’re always willing to hear any feedback in order to improve more customization/options over the design of the apps and its components.


Thanks for your answer. @Antonio

In my screen capture you can see the adjustments I made to obtain that tiny clean card without image.

You are right, no backgrounds there.

When i use cards without image (I like how they look) if I put the favorite button it’s like white over white… almost invisible…


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ajá! I think I understand now: “Legibility issues with the favourite button on cards, due to the low contrast that Malevich would call: white on white”.

I’m going to tag @Adrianne_Ngam since she made an amazing work on cards and probably will take care of this feedback :wink:


Malevich was right! Thanks a lot!