Cards Style

Daaaamn! The cards style looks SO slick!!


Nice find @eltintero! Wheels are already turning!

What does the header look like?

Can your de the attached image?
Jesus A.


Damn those look great. Good find!

Wait…AND overlays on images?


BTW…I’m calling it now: Soon Masonry will join this list:
Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 1.27.35 AM


This is super slick. I see cards getting used all over the place. Thanks Glide!!


Are there plans on incorporating the card style into the map view, so that when you’re not looking at the map and pushpins, you can view the items in a list in card format?

A little tip. Since you can’t flip back and forth between list and map when it’s an inline list, you can create a choice component that controls visibility of a either a map or a list. Each are separate components, but the choice controls which one is shown. That way your could use any list style you want. Here are a couple examples where I’m doing something similar.

First a homegrown Favorites for inline lists.

Another that lets me flip between a map and a list. I changed to card style to demonstrate.

This will be much easier and effective once User Specific columns are available.


My only request is a style setting when using a dark background. My Cards aren’t very apparent with a dark background (could use a lighter outline or lighter shadow effect). Looks great though, good job!

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Jeff, you’re a genius, I would have never though of this.
Thanks SO much for pointing it out.


Are these going to slide sideways like the tiles?

@Tim_Sullivan they will if you display them in an inline list.

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How do you control this when there are more than one user using the app at the same time? What if both the users are n the same tab and somebody toggles the choice component? The choice will be changed in the other user’s screen as well right?

@Manan_Mehta Make the choice entry write to one of the new user specific columns


Any way this could be done on a public app?

Yes, they should work on public apps too. Create the columns in the data tab and select the user specific option. I plan to update my concepts app at some point with this new feature.

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The new cards layout really ramps up the quality of the app UI and expands the possibilities. Well done Glide Team!

Images dont show up on my app.
I am trying to pull in the data from google spreadsheet, via a google form.