Timezone And Language

My Timezone and Language dont change can anybody help me with this issue

everything is in english and i want to change it to dutch, also the time is in englisch its 3.00PM and i want to show 15:00, iv tryd several things as changing my computer timezone and language but nothing changes also on my phone

Timezone in Amsterdam (GMT+2)
zondag, 24 september 2023, 21:01

Greets Melvin

Your browser should have language settings too. Make sure you check those as well.

Yep, thanks it works iv added a chrome timezone extention.

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But now only the language has changed not the time, time is still 3pm istead of 15:00 in the calander.

Do you mean the column on the left here? I doubt it’s timezone-related, and if that’s true, we might not be able to do something about it.

Yes the collum on the left, iv made also a choice component can i change the time in the choice component ? Wen i look at the Apple calendar its shows European time so maby it is changeable does anybody know how or how i can change the choice component ?

The Apple calendar is unlikely to be related to this, it’s Glide’s choice to design it like that.