Timer in Glide Apps

Hi, I am looking to create an app with a timer, that will play a sound/chosen song once the time runs out…Is there a way this can be done?

As of now you need a user interaction in order for an action to fire, so I think that’s a no.

Yeah, thought so. Any way fixed/programmed timers can be used?

I’m not aware of any, but would love to hear other’s thoughts.

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You could consider a video of a timer. Just play the video and at the end there is a sound. Or maybe an audio file that plays a sound after a certain amount of time.

Otherwise, I could only think of finding a website with that feature that you could embed in a webview component in the app.

  • this worked ok for me, thought I was only playing around.
    It did do a countdown and it did play a noise on the device too.

Is this case for a user taking a quiz or something similar?

Taking a covid test :slight_smile:

After you have put drops onto a test cassette you need to wait a min time… and not be longer than a max time.

The way I am doing it is:

  • every model of kit has potentially a different min and max - so the user must first select their kit, then I do a rel to the Kits, and a lookup to the min and max time in mins
  • when the user uploads the ‘finished prep’ photo (a cassette with a specific code written on it, to know it is them) we have Timstamp Photo Upload
  • we do a math column - to work out the min time you can take the photo (timestamp + min) and max (timestamp+max)
  • and then another math column to countdown the min to now Countdown Now… and another for Countdown Max
    – the first countdown is displayed when the user is forced to wait to be able to take the photo ---- the ‘continue’ button is also not clickable… until the countdown is at zero
    — the photo is camera only (though on mobiles as we cannot control the desktop)
    Then the ‘max time’ countdown appears… as the result photo must be taken after min and before max
    — and if you are too slow, we have a slight extra time built in, then a ‘sorry, you are silly… you just wasted your money’ type of message - because we cannot make a medical certificate remotely unless the user follows all the instructions :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The app will be really quite fun! 3.5 weeks in and nearing completion! Thanks to several of the experts in here :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


oohh I see…nice! I was thinking of using one in the future for an app update or release within the app.

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If you take a look at my exam app Template I use a timer for my mark exams. No sound at the end of the timer, but it’s functional. Basically you write a timestamp to a user specific column when the user starts a test and then using a series of math columns and template columns, display the count down.


Thanks a ton! Is there a link to your exam app template, please?

Thank you so much, I will check this out!