Create a Countdown Clock

The stopwatch format is great, but can you mimic the same and make a countdown option? This would be a useful feature.

yes i can, but why?

The more I think about, most devices already have the feature, but why would I want someone to leave the app to use another app? I mean they could do, but for the end-user, which is more convenient? You tell me. In education, especially elementary and middle school, a count-down clock is a necessity. It helps with time management in a positive way. Students stay on task, but so do teachers. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hola @Sage_Edutitrof

I know @Robert_Petitto managed to create a countdown clock. I couldn’t find the thread where he explained it.

A workaround could be, depending on what you’re doing and needs, having a YouTube video with the countdown. I know this is not the best way but it is an idea.

I hope this helps.

Thanks I will look for the thread. Yeah, YouTube could/could not work. I have a video segment in the section already, and the look of the stopwatch is exactly the look I love. Thank you for the help.

Here’s a thread by @Mark_Turrell Countdown timer not working - #3 by Mark_Turrell

Also @Wiz.Wazeer has also created a countdown timer. He might be able to point you to the right direction as well.


It was a part of my exam template.


Thank you both @SantiagoPerez I did read the post by @Mark_Turrell. I like his way, and I like the Exam app. But, as a Pro user, I’m really not trying to spend too much money right now. I just would like the ability to drag and drop a component like the stopwatch and have a countdown timer instead. :laughing: I’m already saving to buy @Robert_Petitto app Meet With Me for scheduling/booking.


Here’s how I built a countdown timer in Glide:


Nice! I will look at it and see if I can grasp it. I know you get pretty technical, but I’m willing to learn. Again, thank you. :laughing: Schools starting soon, so I’m in crunch mode.

First, my apology to everyone…lol…I truly feel like a dweeb. :laughing: :laughing: I just realized what I had been asking. I was overthinking and way over analyzing. The stopwatch will work fine. Instead of using the countdown method (lol) counting up is fine. But, let me ask this: Is there a way to have the stopwatch visible to all users without all users having the ability to use the stop or pause :crazy_face: I want a teacher to be able to start the stopwatch for all students, but I don’t want students to have the ability to stop or pause just view as it is started. Most teachers prefer the countdown, because when 0 is reached, students no visually, there is no more time.