👔 Now Available: Exam App Template

Exam is a customizable assessment app that allows you to evaluate your users using multiple choice questions.


:star: Multiple Choice with Auto Scoring
:star: Instant feedback for casual tests
:star: Summarized feedback and timers for formal tests
:star: Profile tab with assessment overview and score breakdown
:star: Test Generator and student overview for Admins
:star: Share links to tests with anyone via URL or QR code

:jigsaw: Get the template direct from the store… Glide • Exam Template

:gem:…or by becoming a VIP member! Robert Petitto - YouTube


I just saw the video of this App on YouTube. This is a great App.
It would really complement the App I am currently working on at the moment.
Fingers crossed it won’t take long for the template to be approved and available.
Really nice work @Robert_Petitto :clap:

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Great job, take my money! :dollar: :grin:

Is this easy to implement in an existing app with lots of users?

:grimacing: not really unfortunately…would need to rebuild

When will the template be released?

It’s available now, but has a minor bug. Should be ready by tomorrow from the template store.

What will it cost?

$49 or included in my $7.99/mo YouTube VIP membership: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO9Yiy4Hi8vBzsJmsjgu-mQ/join

With multiple choice, you mean I can select more than one answer, right? This would be essential…’

Hm. Not in V1. In V2, I plan on allowing the app builder to select different type of questions. For now, single selection A, B, C, D. Thinking about how we could do Multiple Selection answers…

Can I increase the answers from 4 to 6 standard?

Yes, but the interface would need to be adjusted a bit as the segmented choice component I use maxes out at 5 placeholders.


I’m now a proud subscriber - great idea, thanks @Robert_Petitto !

Soon as I get a few more members I’ll upgrade the VIP app to allow for concurrent users. Thanks for being an early adopter. In the meantime, Please let me know which apps you’d like to access!

Your exam app fits an immediate need (actually it is a ‘super nice to have’ extra) for an app I am building :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I will dig into the others when I have more time to play!

Your support has been much appreciated - I literally ‘could not have done Glide without you’. Thanks, @Robert_Petitto !

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Hey @Robert_Petitto
Is this app still available anywhere? Can’t find it in the marketplace

It’s not. It was a classic app that hasn’t been rebuilt and had some scaling issues. Perhaps I’ll revisit it to see if I can make any efficiencies.