Learning from Task Tracker template - for a task - is there a way to add a countdown timer button/functionality?


I’m continuing my adventures with the Task Tracker template (Task Tracker Template – Track tasks across projects, categories, and assignees with this free app. • Glide). With folks from this community (especially Jeff Hager - thank you @Jeff_Hager ) I got my own variation of this template to work as I want where it does the following:

  • Only 1 task at a time shows
  • When the task is checked off, then the next one shows
  • Order of task can be determined by a “Task Order” column that I created

The only remaining time is a count-down timer. The user case is this:

User is on a step where after mixing cake batter components s/he has to wait for 3 minutes for batter to rise. The user presses a button that’s under the current task which causes a 3 minute countdown to start. At the end of the countdown there’s some sound/notification on the screen.

I suspect that the above functionality is more a native thing for iOS and Android but I was wondering if that’s possible for a Glide app.

Thanks for your help.


Yeah, you can’t trigger a sound to play without user interaction here, so I highly doubt it would work like you expect.

Thanks for your response @ThinhDinh

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