The state of timers in Glide: 2023

Continuing the discussion from Timer in Glide Apps:

Just curious is there is any new knowledge around integrating timers into Glide. I’m looking for a way to start a single global timer that all users of the app can see. Ideally it should trigger a sound once the time is up.

This is not possible, and I doubt it will be possible anytime soon. As of now, you can only trigger a sound to play natively when the user makes an interaction with the app.

May we know more about your use case here?

The rough idea is to be able to add a “global timer” to an app so that all users get a countdown. This can be used to to track time left on events that have specific start and end times. Once the timer finishes, it should play a sound. I’m fine with a user initiating the timer, being able to play the sound without further intervention would be good.

I’m not sure if there’s a way to do so, but the only way I think that would work in Pages at the moment is to find a site that allows embedding and supports countdown display.

For the sound part, I think that’s still a no. Unless Glide allows you to have time-based actions in near future plus native notifications, then that might work. I’m not clear if notifications from PWAs would allow sound to be played or not.

Specifically about autoplaying sound, in 2017, Google made a move to disallow autoplay of audio and video elements.