Can you set a system alarm?

I wanted to ask this first as a support request, but I was forced to ask it here first. So here we go.
Is it possible to make something like an alarm clock? That when I have set a time that the alarm needs to go off, it will first set it as a system alarm, so I can close the app. And when the alarm goes off, it gives a notification, that I can open it and that the app will open after that.
Let me try to explain this.
I have an app. I can set several alarms in this. The app will set these alarms as system alarms. So I can close the app. At the set time, the alarm goes off and I will get a notification. When I tap on the notification, it will open the app for me.
I also would like to do this in my own created app. Because the app needs to do more than just sound the alarm for the set time. The app that I am using now is not working well and that’s why I would like to create my own.
I don’t think the stopwatch component will do it for me. Because I have different intervals between the different alarms.
I also would like that if it is possible, to set my own alarm sound.
Sorry for the long explanation, but I hope my question s clear and hope you can tell me if it is possible.
Many thanks for your time and effort.
Gr. Pierre

Sounds like none of your wishes are possible as of now.

First off, for your time-based alarm, we don’t have time-based triggers inside Glide. You would need to use third-party services like Integromat or Zapier to send an email or a text message to your device.

Second, for your notification thing, iOS does not support native notifications for PWAs, Android supports it only to a certain extent with Glide, so that’s also a no.

Finally, this is also a no. You can’t use custom sounds for now with Glide, even less so for your use case, which is native notification.

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Thanks for the quick reply.
I will checkout your suggestions and see if I can do something with that.