How do you make a client created timer?

Hello everyone! I am new here to glide and the interface is pretty comprehensible but that’s not the problem to me right now. Is it currently possible to make an event where the client creates a timer in the application? similar to setting an alarm clock and it notifies you via notification.

I am currently doing this for a school project where in they are asking for a product and me and my team are making an application for educational purposes.

It basically has the following:

  • Webhook that recommends online shop products to the student(books, gadgets, etc)
  • A panel where it shows a grid or list of content they can use(youtube channels, studying reference, etc.)
  • Alarm which the user can set and triggers a notification depending on the time set

Hi and thanks for your help, and btw why is the glide community web design is literally similar to “roblox devforum”

It’s similar because many online forums use Discourse.

After a while, you start to notice it in other forums elsewhere.

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You can set a date/time in a date column and set visibility conditions for something to show up if the current date/time is on or after the date/time that the user set. App notifications in the traditional sense aren’t possible because IOS doesn’t allow them with PWA’s. Otherwise you’de probably have to set up some sort of google script on a timer to do something like send an email or text once the time has elapsed.