Any XC code for making a countdown alarm on the device?

Hi! I have a use case where the user has to wait 15 mins before taking a photo on their phone. Right now I use a math column and a template to display the time on screen… but there is no phone notification (SMS message, noise, etc). I was wondering if anyone had played with any JS that might achieve this. Thanks!

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I believe @Manu.n can develop this, here’s my idea:

  • Take the “time left” value as an input (I think you have that already).
  • If time left is less than or equal to 0, execute a HTTP call to a messaging service (let’s say Twilio) to send a message to the user’s phone number and/or an email to their mailing address.

However the problem is if you’re using Glide Tables for this, you have to find out a way to add a “Sent” value somewhere in the row so that the action only fires once. I think it’s easier with Sheets.

I think it can be done even using Glide Tables.

I would have to check how the Twilio’s Http call syntax/format is to test and create an easy but practical solution fired by an event (time left=0).

Saludos a todos!

Hello @Mark_Turrell
Actually it’s not a time-lapse alarm that you need, because you’ve already done this under glide.
But you ask for a script for sms messages or sound or whatever.
I can answer you for the sound.
I made a script at the beginning of YC with sound, it works in the editor, but it does not work once the application is published in chrome. the reason is always the same, google blocks all audio without specific user action.
So for audio, it’s not possible or very difficult to do.
For sms or mail or notification, I think there are services such as zapier or integromat which integrate this solution or like the info from @ThinhDinh the ‘Twilio’ service pertains to that.

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Chrome is a portion of my user base, but not all of it, so I could live with a partial solution in the end. I’m also going back to looking at Twilio and ClickSend for text messaging alerts based on time.

Thanks for thinking on this topic :sparkles: