Timeline view/style

Can we achieve such views on Glide?



I’ve just copied some examples from Google. Any other similar view is welcomed.
Basically, view will pull dates from a table and build a timeline view, rather similar to Gant but not quite.
One use case can be the lifecycle of a client, i.e. when the lead was first received, when converted to client, when issued first invoice, etc.

Should this be a feature request?


This image isn’t too far off what you might get with an inline list. Maybe with a touch of CSS, or without. Have you considered it?

Interesting idea. How would you go about this?
Let’s put the CSS touchups aside for now, to make things easier.

Simple inline list with a relative date plug-in column pointing at a timestamp column sorted by timestamp in descending order?

Not sure what logic you’re looking for to generate the check mark, but it would be some condition to generate the check and displayed as the inline list image.



As Robert said

Thanks. Yes, that’s an option. However, inline lists is a component that the user will see in many other section of the app. I wanted to have something more unique for such timeline views.
On the same notion, I have also been looking for a nice way to display chats. I’m referring to logs from WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, etc. These can also be displayed as an inline list, but it far from being intuitive. Any way to have a ballon/chat view? if not, any way to align the inline list to opposite sides based on how sent the message?

Apparently, yes…

Wow, indeed amazing. Is this really 100% Glide?
Seem super complicated. I was looking for a simple solution for just one screen inside a wider app. The main idea is to present data of past messages. Doesn’t even need to have capability of replying from within the app (although it would be great).

As far as I’m aware it’s just Glide.
But lots of fancy CSS tricks in there, methinks.
And yes, super impressive.

For your use case, have you considered an Inline List with cards style?
With a bit of CSS (nothing too advanced), you can make it look quite presentable.

That’s great, thanks.
Also found this amazing app, which is copyable.

Hi! I’m trying to create something similar to that:

Do you think it is possible to add a new timestamp and status everytime the order changes?

Coming back to this topic after a while. Thought it would be helpful to drop this link/tutorial here from W3

The main reason I’m mentioning is this nice chat-like view

What would be the most elegant way to implement this? which component?