INQUIRY: Configure a traditional calendar view using Inline list

I wish to create an event driven list with a traditional calendar view. Do you have any instructions or possible a sample template that would provide some guidance?

Please advise…thanks!

Can you give us a visual image of how you define a “traditional calendar view”?

How are you?
See the following as an example:

It looks like others are looking for this type of calendar view as well.

Please advise…thanks.
MC Wilder

Unfortunately, this is not available for now. Please vote for this feature in the link you provided.

Or, if you’re willing to use CSS/HTML in your app, read this thread for some inspiration.


hehe, that was a really fun and challenging collaboration effort with @Jeff_Hager
Just realised that was almost a year ago. That roster calendar view is still in use, and still working perfectly :+1: I’ve barely touched it since it was implemented.


@Darren_Murphy, are you saying that there is code that works? If so, please share.

Also, I thought that I saw an app template that had a calendar view in the Glide apps store? Please let me know…thanks.

If you look in the thread that @ThinhDinh linked to, you’ll see that I was able to create one for a very specific use case, with a large amount of help from my good friend, Mr Chuck Norris :wink:

Hidden in that thread you’ll find a sample app that Jeff created, which I used as a basis for my implementation. Quite possibly you could take that and adapt it for your purposes.

Be warned though that it is not simple. It uses some fairly advanced techniques, as well as custom CSS - which is not officially supported by Glide. Which means - use at your own risk.