Setting See All values in Glide App

I want to display 2 days worth of info in a horizontal inline list.

This is calculated (for example some days 8 items, other days 12 items).

Can the “See all” be set programmatically?


Not that I’m aware of. Just thinking out loud you could have multiple inline lists with different see all parameters and then drive the visibility condition of those inline lists based on the number of items.


You might try playing with some filters: depending on day, some rows are marked to be shown.
Sometimes are 8, 12 o whatever according to your need.


Thanks. I am rethinking how to easily display the info. With Glide their always seems to be another - less intuitive or more intuitive - way of doing something.

Have a great day!

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Glide is a funny and great puzzle to find out ideas.

Feliz día!

Filtering by date would seem the logical approach in this case.
Assuming that each record has a date attribute, what you could do is use a math column to determine the date/time 2 days ago (Now-2), and then filter your list to only show records with a date that is on or after the math column result.

That would work but filtering the list for display purposes limits the viewable data in the list.

I still want to click on to view the entire table as an inline list on a new screen.

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Will give it a try…TIA

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