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Hello gliders, how are you?
I have an inline list with 52 items. I need to place 12 items on the screen. In the first one I solve by putting 12 in “Show see all for more than”…
The next option in Glide is “See all” but I would need to show items 13 to 24 on the next screen, 25 to 36 on the next screen… and so on.
Do you have any ideas to help me?

Are the items always going to be in the same order and fairly consistent? You could number them and just filter each list to only show certain row numbers. At the bottom of each list, you could add a button for “next page” and assign it a “show new screen” action. On the new screen, add the same inline list, but filter it to show different column numbers.

There may be a more technical way to accomplish this, but this is probably the most basic especially if your data rows are static.


There isn’t a native feature to do this. Here’s how I would approach it:

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The math formula you were looking for is Trunc(Row/12)+1


Meh…that works too.


Actually, I just noticed that starts page 2 at row 12, instead of row 13.

Trunc((Row-1)/12)+1 works better :slight_smile:


Good Morning!
Many thanks to @kyleheney , @Robert_Petitto and Darren_Murphy (I didn’t mention him as a user because “Sorry, new users can only mention 2 users in a post.”) .
All are great options for my problem.
I have to especially thank @Robert_Petitto who dedicated himself to making a video detailing the solution.
The solutions opened my mind to use in other applications.
Really thank you very much for your help.

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Hi @Robert_Petitto!
Page 2 of the app starts at number 13, correct, but goes to number 25.
The correct one would be 24.
Pages should be multiples of 12.

When I apply the tip from @Darren_Murphy in the app created by @Robert_Petitto it’s perfect.
Sorted out

Got carried away.
In Data it’s perfect but I don’t know how to paginate in Glide.
Need help…

How do I filter in the inline list? Can you help me?

Did you follow Bob’s example?
If I recall correctly, he was using the button bar to increment/decrement the page number, and then using that as the filter.

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In fact, it’s a mix of its formula and its app.
The error occurs when an item is deleted.
There you will have pages with less than 12 items.
What would the suggestion be?

So the row numbering needs to be dynamic?
hmm, that’s tricky. Glide doesn’t have any concept of automatic row numbering, so this would require a bit more creativity. I’ll think about this for a bit.

Update: Well, looky looky…

There is your solution :wink:

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So, just applying the solution above to your situation, you’ll need 4 columns:

  • RowID
  • Lookup column (All RowIDs)
  • Find Element Index column - gets the Index of the RowID from the lookup
  • Math column to calculate the page number - Trunc((Index)/12)+1

With that solution, you can add/remove rows, and the page numbers will automagically re-calculate.


@orci_astrogildo here is a copy of @Robert_Petitto’s app with the fix applied. As an added bonus I threw in an option to specify the number of rows per page. Enjoy :wink:


Fantastic @Darren_Murphy
It turned out much better than I would have imagined.
Thank you so much again…

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