Tile frustration

I am about ready to chuck this app so I am asking for help. Trying to develop using tiles but I can’t get the tiles to work independently. I have Welcome that I want to go to a general info page, directory that I want to go to a query of all the individuals, Joys and concerns that should go to, well, a list of joys and concerns with each having a link to an individual form for completion (think about adding dates to a different event calendar). Each tile is going to the same place. I have tired different ways of structuring the data in the document, it keeps doing the same thing on each tile. HELP!! A data sheet example would be helpful.

The layout is the same for every item in a list, you cannot configure each tile to have a different layout.

This is covered in the second video of the Glide 101 series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=en6DXdP5RpQ&feature=emb_title If you haven’t had a chance to watch our videos, I recommend it to help you avoid some of the tricky bits.

Well for starters, the tiles layout is still a list and a list is designed to show items from one sheet. As with any list, the destination is the details for each row in the same sheet. That is why the layouts all change together. As I have always said, layouts are tied to sheets. If you change the layout on one detail, it changes for all details withing that sheet. This makes complete sense if you had a list that totaled 100 items. You obviously wouldn’t want to change the layout for each individual detail record.

I’ve been able to hack through this by creating separate relations that point to separate sheets. I have then created 3 inline lists that appear to be one list, but are actually 3 separate lists. This let’s me change each list details independently. It works great, but unfortunately you can’t do that with tiles that have horizontal tiles.

To get around your problem, I would create a column that contains the type of tile you have…for example Welcome, Parrish, and Joys. When laying out the details page, use the visibility feature to display Welcome components when Welcome is the type of record. Use visibility for Parrish components when Parrish is in the Type column, and so on. They will point to the same detail layout, but the visibility will control which components display.

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@Lori_W the request keeps emerging - I hope that we in the future will get the functionality as it will allow for more compact apps

Tiles as links to screens