Tick and stick :)

One thing that I have not managed to pin down just yet is with regards to a tick box - I have them working just fine but would like some control so that when a box is ticked it cannot be unticked by mistake without some warning or access control, any advice on that one would be appreciated.

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Hide it once true and make visible some text with a checkbox emoji.


Hey @Ian_Wells,

I would make the box visible to only admins after is ticked and I f you need the user to see if was tick I’d set a text box saying it has been tick.

There are many ways to do this. This is the way I’d do it.

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Thanks, it would be cool to see once a tick box is is ticked that it converts to text saying something like “ box has been ticked” do you know of any demo on how to achieve this?

you make a text saying it has been ticked only visible if box is ticked

Exactly… the checkbox visibility is the opposite of the text visibility. This way, when it’s checked, you see the text but not the checkbox… when it’s not checked, you see the checkbox and not the text.

You could take a screenshot of the checkbox with the checkmark in it, and create a png file of it. Add an image component either above or below the checkbox component. Once the checkbox has been checked, hide the checkbox component and show the image component of the checked box.