Changing text for checkbox yes/no in form

I have a checkbox with some text. When selected the text says something. When it is not selected, it says the opposite. I tried doing this with an ITE column but it doesn’t work since the checkbox text is unique in the Design section. I guess it should be done differently. Maybe with a template column? Here is another interesting use-case …

Like this?

You had the right idea with an if-then-else column…

… then use that as your Checkbox component Title.


yes. Thanks.

This is exactly what I did but I am missing that part:

… then use that as your Checkbox component Title.

That seems odd. You should be able to select from a list of columns for your title.

Have you tried deleting the component an adding again?

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yes. I did that three times.

The difference I see is that you’re using it in an Add Form screen. Looks like you can’t use dynamic labels for checkboxes there. I’m away from my computer right now, so can’t test to confirm that.

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ok. Waiting for when you check it…

It should be there in a form. Getting it to actually function in a native form screen is above my pay grade though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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OH, yes it is working for you. It seems you are on Glide Pages, right ?

No, I’m using Glide Apps.

Maybe submit a support ticket but probably should wait for Darren hehe

Ok, so yes it is odd ! I tried that one month ago with ITE and it never worked. Seems it is a bug.

I think you should still be able to choose a dynamic title in a form, can @jabid have a video to confirm that it’s not working?

Can confirm it too as @Eric_Penn already did. In both Details view as well as Form view.

Also using Glide App.

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This isn’t going to work in an Add screen because Add screens are not attached to to any rows and don’t have a parent row to pass values from. It also won’t work in a Form screen because no row has been written yet and you can’t change any data on the parent row while in a form.

I think this would require two checkboxes, pointing to the same column, with different titles and visibility conditions to show each checkbox based on ‘true’ or ‘not true’.


I would try to clear browser cookies and restart it again.

I tried that solution but it says that I cannot write on the same column.

I will try first your solution.

There’s nothing stopping you from having multiple components writing to the same column. It’s just a warning. I do it all the time.

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