Changing text for checkbox yes/no in form

Yes, I just find how to record a video on windows10: W+Alt+R to open Xbox window !!

ooh ok !!

Clearing the browser works !

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Ah you got it right. I was thinking about the checklist layout of an inline list instead of a checkbox. Thanks for the answer.

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Glad you fix it. :wink:

Sorry it is not fixed; AS you can see on screenshot I lost the checking action ON/OFF only column design for selecting is fixed

You can do what Jeff said.

Thank you

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It might have been the case since you are in Edit form mode. No default value if you are editing already written values. Just an assumption.

It seems that the boolean logic is deleted by the new column “Label Admet les offres” as you can see on my screenshot default ON/OFF disappears.
Also the gif that sent @Darren_Murphy is not working, maybe because I am on a Form and it cannot be dynamic.

Ok I have tried various things the best solution seems to be (I am a little busy I will do it after) something very close to @Jeff_Hager solution : 2 components with opposite texts only one component is displayed when it is true and the other one is false.

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Thank you Dilon but there is no ITE.
It works with @Jeff_Hager method. Let me share the whole use-case. I don’t think there is another way to do it.

  1. Create only one Boolean Column “Admits or not Offers”
  2. Create 2 booleans components that write on that column. One is titled Admit Offers the other Refuses Offers.
  3. Set one component to ON for instance the one with the text “Admits Offers” (for example) in Design Section
  4. Set the second one to OFF with the text “Refuses Offers” (or to on if you set the first one to off)
  5. For the component “Admit offers” set visibility condition to yes if the COLUMN “Admits or not Offers” is true.
  6. For the component “Refuses offers” set visibility condition to yes if the COLUMN “Admits or not Offers” is false.

Also note that you cannot repeat this process if you want to edit the form because when editing you cannot see the Check/Uncheck field.

You can just click on the component in the component list in the lower left part of the builder, then edit the component on the right hand side. You’re not locked out of making changes just because of the visibility conditions.

I don’t get it. Can you make a screenshot ?

Sorry, had a bit of a work emergency today, so I couldn’t reply sooner.

Click on the component in the component list:

Then you can adjust the options for that component, such as visibility. The component doesn’t need to be visible in the app to make changes to it.


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