Make Switch/Checkbox component "required" possible?

Hey Gliders,

is it currently possible to make a switch/checkbox component in a add form required? My use case would be to accept GDPR agreement (EU) before someone can add/send something (e.g. a feature suggestion alongside their e-mail). The only workaround i could come up with, is to create a on submit custom action that checks if the switch is checked and if not the row get’s deleted immediately after it is sent.

I think UX wise it would be a little more elegant if the “Send” button in the bottom bar would only go active if the switch is checked.

Any ideas? Might be missing a different workaround? =)

Thanks for any help.

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The workaround would be to use a custom form, and then keep the Submit button disabled while the related user specific boolean column is not checked.


Hey Darren,

thanks for reaching out. I actually do have it as a custom form (process: new custom screen → add form container → add needed fields). the thing is, that the button at the end is getting added automatically but does not show up in left handed components list, hence no visibility conditions available. I’ve also tried adding button to a custom page and make that open a “new form” screen, but the buttons at the bottom also get added automatically without showing up in the components.

If you’re using a Form Container, then it’s not a Custom Form, and so that explains the behaviour.
To get what you want, you would need to dispense with the Form Container.

Ah okay. I’ve just put those fields outside the form container and deleted the container. But this also makes the fields invisible. Might it be because my app is set to public and no sign-in needed? Edit: tried different privacy and sign in settings, same outcome.

Do you understand how a custom form works, and how it is different from a native form?

Have a read of the below:


Hey thanks for the links. Found the issue in those: The table i was relating to did not have an entry yet, that is why the fields were hidden. I did not know that. Made my day.

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