Required fields checkbox and location/signature acting strange

Can someone assist me in understanding the logic here please, not sure if its bug or my understanding.

I am using the new platform to develop in.

  1. I have a switch component, I do not want the user to be able to complete until the accept the terms/declaration. the switch component no longer has a “required field”

Also it seems like the location component no longer has required field, in the classic I could force the user to give me location before proceeding but this no longer seems to be the case there is no “required” option

This is the same for signature, I do not want the user to submit until I do not get a signature, but there is no “required” option with the signature.

Any assistance in understanding will be appreciated

You may need a custom form for this, and then set conditions on your submit button to only allow them to add a row when all conditions are met.

I agree that something this basic should be fundamental, but people have been asking Glide for this for a long time with no response.

mmm… :exploding_head:

They all (location, signature, switchbox) had the “required” flag in the classic. Why would they take it out ? :frowning:

Isn’t custom forms inefficient with the edits ? it makes an edit for every change rather then 1 edit at submission ?

That’s the magic question with an unknown answer. There are several very basic features that are missing, which would prevent many of these workarounds.

Yes it is. I wish computed columns would work with native forms, or setting required on all components wasn’t so trivial, or glide would just give us session variable columns so we wouldn’t have to worry about updates with things like this. I’ve been forced into custom forms for various reasons and there isn’t much I can do about it.

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