Multi-step form


In my app I would like a user to be able to do this:

  • Input a date + some other details. Click next.
  • Input more information and refer back to the date in step 1
  • Input info in a final screen and click submit

I havent used glide for a while and am using the webapp builder. The plan was to have a “formStep” variable and have buttons that will change that to display / hide containers containing form inputs. This seems to work OK but i can’t work out how to refer back to the date added in step 1. I suspect it is because the form has not yet been submitted and is not in the database?

Hopefully this is a common issue but i couldnt find an answer. Would love to understand the best approach to multi-step forms.


You may want to consider creating a custom form. Creating multi-step “pages” within a native form can be tricky. Especially if you have required components that become hidden. I’d have to look, but in some cases you do have access to Screen Values.

In any case, I prefer and do multi-page forms using the custom method because it writes values to user specific columns in the table, and it’s easier to access them.


Hi, thanks for this.

Can you explain what you mean by custom forms? I cant see an option to create that and the app you linked to doesnt really explain what is happening. Sorry i have been away for a while and am probably missing something you are explaining - if there are any tutorials / youtube vids you can link to I would really appreciate it.

Thanks again.

A custom form is just a detail screen that’s designed to act like a form and uses entry components linked to user specific columns as the temporary placeholders for the data. Once you are done filling out the form, you can have a button with a custom action that will first have an Add Row action that will take those user specific column values and write them to a different table. You can then follow that action with a Set Column action that will clear the user specific columns so it’s ready for the next time you fill out the form. It’s an alternative that many of us use in place of Glide’s native forms. There isn’t any official glide documentation regarding this. The thread I shared is the go-to thread to explain this. I recommend copying the app and taking a look at it to see how it’s set up in the builder.


AH! Got you - thanks! Sorry I was looking for a “custom form” component. So if i alreay have my table i should make a new table with all the cols as user specific values, then the final “action” adds a row to the real table, sets all user specific vals back to blank and shows a success notification?

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Yes, that’s the right idea. Make sure you have a column with a fixed value to initiate a row to house your user-specific inputs.


Sorry would you mind explaining that? Not sure i follow!

If you create a new table, you have to make sure it has at least one data row. Your details screen needs a row to attach to. Otherwise, all the entry components will be grayed out because the screen is not attached to a row and there is nothing to update.