Three different views of the same tab

In my app, I have a table of talks given in my organization. I would like to have buttons that determine how the various talks (rows) of the table (tab) are shown: One button causes all rows of talks to be shown grouped by the type of talk (each has a category). Another button causes only rows of talks given prior to today (i.e., in the past) to be shown in reverse date order. The third button causes only rows of talks given after today (i.e., scheduled for the future) to be shown in forward date order.

My first approach was to define three tabs, one for each order. This causes three tab icons (all, past, future) to appear in the tab line of the app. What I need are actions to change the settings (order and filter) for the single talks tab to these three states. Any ideas on how I should do this? Thanks.

Probably the simplest approach would be a single tab with 3 Inline Lists. Each Inline List would be filtered according to one of your 3 criteria. Then have a choice component in segmented mode that allows you to toggle the visibility of each of the lists. The choice component would write to a user specific column, and each list would have its visibility condition set according to the value in the user specific column.

A slightly more advanced approach would involve using a single Inline List, and dynamically filtering it via a relation.

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Darren: That is sort of the approach I have taken. Currently, I have three tabs each with a different view of the talks table. I have a button bar with two buttons in each tab. The two buttons each have Go to Tab actions that bring up one of the other two filtered and ordered tabs.

The only problem with this solution is that all three icons for the three tabs appear in the tab bar at the bottom of the display. If I could figure out how to hide the past and future tabs from the bottom tab bar, I’d have my solution using simple Glide mechanisms.

So, is there any way to hide a tab from the bottom tab bar? Just hiding the tab seems to make it unavailable to be used in an Go to Tab statement. It’s too bad that it isn’t still unusable.

I think you may have misread my reply.
You don’t need 3 tabs - this can all be done on a single tab.
In fact, using 3 separate tabs for this is just creating extra work that isn’t necessary.

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instead of creating separate tabs, use visibility conditions for your inline lists, so when you click show past talks… make an action to set column values to past and hide inline lists that shows future talks.

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