This is kind of serious! Missing users that appear in GS

I have 3-4 users that just disappeared from Glide tables.
I synched like 10 times…
I noticed at first I was having differecne between the number of users I se in glide and in GS, I cleared empty rows in GS because I know it causes problems; and now not all my uses synch back to glide.
Is this a known problem?
Is it because I deleted empty rows? or because I delete strait from the Data Editor?

I had to do this to have them appear.
Its like glide marked certain row numbers in GS as empty and didn’t synch them no matter if there was data there or not

Why is your rowID column not a normal rowID column? Did you edit it at some point? Try duplicating the app, removing the rowID column and add another rowID column to see if Glide can load them.


Seems like this is a bug, the same weird thing happened to me too.
Yesterday I added a text column and input it. And then I added a new row, a notification pops up that you have to add a row ID and I accept it. But what happened was that in addition to the addition of the row ID column, the ID number also overwrites and replaces the data that I inputted earlier.

I cant do that.
I have relations based on that column and this is a live app.
I insert rows from Integromat and have to set the RowID because I use it to insert to several related coulmns.
actually Im not worried about that because it worked fine and this problem started a long after I am using different RowID.

That’s probably not the best idea. I recall we spoke about this before and you asked if it was safe to replace the RowIDs. I think I advised you at the time that it should be okay, but I didn’t realise you were generating your own RowIDs.

This may or may not be related to your current issue, but I still don’t think it’s a good idea. If you need to generate your own unique ID’s, my advice would be to use a separate (non RowID) column for that, and leave the RowIDs that Glide generates untouched.