Hi fellow Gliders!
I wanted to show you my latest project for one of my customers:

At the moment it’s version 0.1, we’re adding a bunch of stuff, but customer wanted to launch ASAP.
It’s in spanish, but you can get a pretty good idea… It’s a marketplace for different classes (sports, art, kids, cooking, etc) where customers buy packages or only 1 class via Glide’s Stripe integration.

At the moment I’m working in integrating the backend with Integromat (Zoom, calendar meetings via email and Twilio) to send an email to the customer with the appropiate Zoom link and a reminder 30 mins before the class via SMS.



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Is that whitelist? I can’t login

Nicely done! It’s… class!

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Looks great! How are you handling payments to your sellers for the different classes? Also any reason to use integromat instead of natively linked up Zapier? I’m half way building something similar and am approaching these questions. Thanks

It’s public with email :thinking::thinking:

It’s 1 business, they collect the money and they pay the teachers. So it’s 1 stripe account only.
We want to do a lot more than the current zapier integration in Glide allows us to. And almost everything is detonated when the customer pays.
For example, a scheduled SMS, email to the teacher, email to the buyer, etc.

@eltintero Same issue. Using gmail

That’s strange…

@Mark @Daniel_Sweet would you guys mind taking a look?
Anyway @Krivo @Lucas_Pires you can check the copy of the app at

Sign in: “None”?

We’ll take a look at it.

First time I see that as well
It’s in an org.

I wasn’t aware of that. :’(

If we log in then you will have to pay?

It’s the first time I use an org… No idea TBH.
Check this out, it’s a copy in my account:

Clases en línea

Hi! Also couldn’t login. Would love to have a look.
May I ask how are you handling different timezones between organisers and users?

It does look very nice @eltintero

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Try this link:

They’re all CST.

It works! Looks great for this first version. Also building something more or less in the same space but timezones are a major issue since users and hosts are probably not in the same time zone.

That’s some challenge! How are you planning to tackle it?

Probably going to ask event organisers for the event timezone and use this in calendar. In the users side i believe glide converts timezone to local timezone according to settings but still struggling with this and testing.